Friday, 25 April 2014

PICS: Harare International Airport

Check-in for KLM KL523 HRE-LUN-AMS
An empty departures lounge, pretty common in the evenings
Malawi Airlines Boeing 737-800 taxiing out for its return back to Lilongwe
KLM KL523 Airbus A330-200 shortly after its arrival at Harare Int Airport
Egyptair MS842 departing for Cairo via Dar es Salaam
Special thanks to Léonard Desdoigts for the great pics and trip KLM523 Trip Report HRE-LUN.


  1. Lol...what I find so weird about that airport, is in the check in area, you have an attendant weighing carry on luggage on a scale.Now this scale resembles the exact same scale that I was weighed in when I was a baby.I hope its not the same scale!!!! This attendant is weighing EVER SINGLE carry on FOR EVERY passenger!! Like really! I remember when I was taking KLM back to my country , Holland, the ticketing agent could barely print out my boarding pass, it took him over 30 mins to print out a boarding pass...bwehehehehehehehehehehehe...zimboz sometimes!

    1. lol very true!
      this scale is used at the domestic terminal indeed

    2. Im talking about the international terminal check in area! Its a very stupid system they have going on there and very inexperienced "ticketing agents!" Its like a clinic at a growth point!

  2. You are very welcome M.!
    how did you find them?

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