Sunday, 20 April 2014

PICS: Harare International Airport - 04/13/14

LAM Mozambique (TM342) Bombardier Q400 arriving in Harare Int Airport from Maputo via Beira.

Emirates EK713 Airbus A340-300 arriving at Harare Int Airport from Dubai via Lusaka.

South African Airways (SA28) Boeing 737-800 readies for boarding while in the distance SA Express (XZ1613) CRJ200 and Kenya Airways (KQ780) Embraer 190 await departure. Although pretty hard to spot through the aerobridge glass is Egyptair Boeing 737-800 parked for the day awaiting its evening return flight to Cairo via Dar es Salaam. 
Special thanks to Paul Chikwanda for providing the pics.


  1. Why would any one in their right mind fly those flying coffins parked over there?? Only SAA is the credible airline, the rest are a sure way of committing suicide.Moza has not released any info regarding their airline that killed 33 people on board...never heard anything since. Forget it, I wont fly any one of these faeces parked over there. I fly the best of the best, KLM, BRITISH AIRWAYS, LUFTHANSA, SWISS AIR, AMERICAN AIRLINES, AIR NEW ZEALAND, DELTA AIRLINES, FINLAND AIR AND AIR CANADA.

  2. LAM and Air Zim are safe man :)

    1. bwehehehehehehehehehehheheeheheehehehe...that has to be the biggest joke of the year! Good one! bweheheheheheheheheehe! Fly those faeces at your own risk. Either Obese Mpofu will send his henchmen to grab your remains after his done his lunch-dinner , well after that disaster occurs in some unkown and unreachable mountain OR the rename militia will claim what ever is salvageable!

  3. So, if you want to go to Maputo or Beira from Harare, would you rather fly Air New Zealdand or Air Canada, what about going to VicFalls, American or Finnair? can you please shed light on this? ;-)

  4. bwehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe...I fell of my leather recliner sipping on a pinacola reading your comment.I will gladly shed some light on this one: If American Airlines or Finnair had a traffic rights to VIC FALLS from where ever, I would UNEQUIVACLY AND ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A SLIVER OF DOUBT IN MY MIND FLY WITH THEM TO VIC FALLS. Now,I have travelled the world quite a lot, im a proud Dutch citizen and have been to Zim myself, so I know exactly how that places functions or rather malfunctions.I have been to Vic falls , but flew with Comair and SAA and DEFINITELY NEVER FLOWN YOUR FAECES YOU CALL AN AIRLINE, "AIR ZIMBO"! Now , if you Africans can truelly pull off a successful contruction of that Vic Falls airport with expanded runways, my Airline KLM-AIR FRANCE-DELTA AIRWAYS will fly there directly and yes, your question will not only would have been answered by me, but by my airline! Oh and fyi...I DEFINITELY WILL NOT FLY TO FOURTH WORLD PLACES LIKE MAPUTO OR BEIRA...LAST I HEARD WAR HAS ERUPTED THERE AND ZIMBO POLITICIANS ARE LOSING SLEEP OF THE RAMIFICATIONS OF SUCH A CIVIL WAR.But you can do so at your own peril...renamo will deal with you in their territory.Are you full answered?