Wednesday, 8 February 2012

RUMOR, British Airways & Qatar planning Harare

Plenty of rumor and speculation has been flying around about BA making its return to Harare and also Qatar Airways planning a direct service into the country but of course no official word has been given by both airlines. From what I have read so far, Qatar Airways has been doing a major push into Africa and recently announced new routes to Kigali, Mombasa and Zanzibar. I can really see them introduce a service into Harare maybe via Lusaka like Emirates is doing but maybe this will only happen in 2013/14. The success Emirates is having and will have in future will definitely be a driver for Qatar to enter the market. British Airways will always have great business here but it was the tough economic times that forced them to pull-out of this route. Currently things are a lot more stable and travel has definitely picked up so I could see them begin flying again maybe winter 2012 which is our summer here in Zimbabwe. Obliviously this
is my own opinion but it will be interesting to see how these rumors turn out.

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