Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Benefit of Low Cost Carriers to Zimbabwe

South African Low Cost Carriers such as 1time Airlines and Velvet sky have show great interest in plying the Zimbabwe routes including Harare and Victoria Falls. A report showed that 1time had applied for landing slots but whether or not the applications were approved has not yet been confirmed. Currently the Hre-Jnb route is one of the busiest International routes within Africa but one of the most expensive to travel. The average price for a return ticket can cost between $440 and $600 on either South African Airways or British Airways (Comair) with Air Zimbabwe having canceled their service on this route. The introduction of LCC's on these routes can lower fares by close to 50% which will mean fares will cost around $200-$300, a big difference compared to the current fares. It will definitely prove beneficial for your average business and leisure traveler who in the past might have had to make the journey by car or bus which takes 14-16 hours and also avoids the recurring problems at the borders. Personally i think the route can start off with a twice daily service between Jnb and Hre (which is basically taking over Air Zim's service) then a once daily service between Jnb-Vfa. Other options include service to and from Lanseria airport in Johannesburg which has cheaper landing costs. Hopefully we can see such a development here in the near future.

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