Saturday, 10 May 2014

Restructuring of Fly 540 Angola and Ghana

fastjet, Africa’s low cost airline, today confirms that as previously announced, two of its loss-making Fly540 businesses are being restructured with the objective of increasing shareholder value. The Fly540 businesses operate on a traditional airline model and not the fastjet low cost model.
After a detailed evaluation of the potential of Fly540 in both Ghana and Angola, fastjet has concluded that, although these countries present very significant long-term opportunities for the fastjet low cost model, in the short term fastjet intends to fully focus on the considerable potential of opportunities in East and Southern Africa. 
As a key part of the restructuring, two group-owned ATR aircraft previously operating in Ghana and Angola have been taken out of service and are currently in the process of being sold.  While a leased aircraft continues to operate in Ghana, the Angolan operation has been temporarily suspended, pending the return to service of two leased aircraft on completion of required maintenance.  Further details on the restructuring of both 540 operations will be announced in due course.
Fastjet interim chairman and CEO, Ed Winter, said: “Management has been carefully considering how best to restructure the Fly540 business which we inherited and this is a highly significant and very positive development in that process.
“We are currently focused on expanding the low cost fastjet network in East and Southern Africa by establishing bases in Zambia, Kenya and South Africa and these plans are progressing well.  However, our overall vision is to create a pan-African low-cost network and, as such, launching the low cost fastjet model in both Angola and Ghana remains firmly part of the Company’s long-term plans.”


  1. Qatar Airways to fly to Harare

    June 6, 2014 Local News

    QATAR Airways will soon introduce flights to Harare, initially flying into Zimbabwe three times a week, the new envoy from the oil-rich country said yesterday. Qatar’s new ambassador to Zimbabwe, Salem Al-Jaber, told journalists soon after presenting his credentials to President Mugabe that the move was part of a number of business ventures his country was prepared to bring to Zimbabwe.

    “We’re looking forward to bringing Qatar Airways soon because Qatar Airways as you know, is a big airline. Last week we opened the biggest airport in the Middle East,” he said.

    “We’ve 10 flights a week to Johannesburg and we would like to extend it from Johannesburg to Harare at least three flights a week initially, and then later on maybe as a direct flight.”

    .................The story above is from the new Qatari ambassador to Zim. Please dig up more info and advise>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. Younger...if Qatar Airways didn't announce this themselves with a date to start operations, then what you are reporting here isn't news, just gossip! How do we know what you are saying isn't hogwash or a conversation you brought from a shabeen?? Anyway...THIS IS NOT news to me UNLESS IF ITS LUFTHANSA,SWISS BRITISH AIRWAYS, QANTAS AND BRUSSELS AIRLINES ANNOUNCING THEIR COMMENCEMENT DATES!!!

  2. Mlandeli please provide more info if you can but I would say it will be good news if Qatar Airways extend their services to Harare. Generally Gulf sate carriers are making European carriers scream in disbelief. The likes of Qatar, Emirates and Etihad are expanding fast with a growing connectivity and very modern equipment. Emirates is now the largest international carrier and Dubai is slowly overtaking Heathrow as the largest international hub/possible already overtaken. Europe is having carriers are suffering from profitability issues and the recent strike by Lufthansa pilots was a further dent to its fortunes. One big lesson from the Gulf carriers is that they are all barely 20 years old and I guess them plying the Harare route will teach our very own Air Zimbabwe one lesson or two. Competition is good and Harare Int and also gives passengers many options to chose from. The question remains when is this likely to happen???

    1. Its too obvious you have no clue about what global airline business really is. Younger, let me instill some knowledge into you, you need it.Dubai ISNT a larger hub than Heathrow and if you think so then you are a moonlight day dreamer.Heathrow has expanded and built a brand new terminal to accommodate its ever rising numbers, terminal 5. Heard about that one yet? Dubai Airport is just another airport seeing its own fair share of activity, it DOESNT mean its now the Biggest hub in the world YOUNGER! If a baby starts growing bigger and starts growing teeth, that doesn't that automatically mean that baby is now the biggest person in the entire world!!! Western hubs and western airlines are still racking in record profits, still plying the very same routes and have expanded even more. Their terminals are expanding, their passenger numbers have quadrippled, their performance continues to shame the nay sayers. Oh by the way...where are those faeces you call an airline by the way? "Air" Zimbo? Remember that one? How is the incompetence at that donkey airport you call an "international airport?" Has the incompetence gotten worse or much worse than ever before? Anyway, to answer your question, Qatar Airlines IS NOT LIKELY TO FLY IN THAT HELL HOLE!

  3. Asian Business News
    Dubai Overtakes Heathrow as Busiest Airport for International Passengers
    Milestone Illustrates Growth Of Emirates Airline After Less Than 30 Years Of Operations
    Rory Jones
    Updated April 29, 2014 6:38 a.m. ET

    DUBAI—Dubai International became the busiest airport globally for international passengers in the first quarter, overtaking London's Heathrow and illustrating the growth of Emirates Airline in less than 30 years of operations.
    Dubai's main hub, the home of Emirates, handled 18.36 million international passengers in the first quarter of the year, Dubai Airports said in a statement on Monday. Heathrow counted 16 million people pass through its gates during the same period.
    Dubai plans to build one of the biggest airports in the world, right in the middle of the desert. The airport will eventually cater to 160 million passengers each year, but when and whether Emirates Airline moves to the new site is the key sticking point. Heathrow surpassed Dubai to grab the top spot last year for international traffic, and the pair were followed by Hong Kong and Paris, according to official figures from Airports Council International, a global trade body, which hasn't released first quarter figures yet.
    Statements from all four airports show Dubai to be the busiest airport for international passengers and the fastest-growing in the first quarter, as the number of people passing through the hub increased 11.4%, compared with the same period a year earlier. "The growth in passenger and freight traffic supports our continued investment in expanding and improving our facilities at Dubai International," said Paul Griffiths, chief executive officer of Dubai Airports.
    Heathrow, which on Monday reported a 10.8% increase in first quarter revenue on flat passenger numbers of 16 million, had no immediate comment on falling into second place. Airport Chief Executive Officer Colin Matthews previously pointed to Dubai's rise to argue for capacity constrained Heathrow gaining approval for a third runway.
    To cater for forecast growth of Emirates and flydubai, Dubai Airports plans to increase capacity at Dubai International to 100 million by 2020 from 75 million currently. ubai has a master plan to expand its new secondary airport called Al Maktoum to cater for up to 160 million by the end of the next decade. Dubai International may be edged out by Heathrow for the full year, as Dubai International plans an 80-day improvement project on its two runways on May 1 that will reduce the number of flights at the airport by 24%, and impa


  4. DailyMail

    Heathrow loses its place as world's busiest airport... to Dubai: Bosses attack politicians for dithering over third runway after airport is knocked into second place

    Politicians were yesterday accused of squandering 350 years of British transport supremacy after Dubai overtook Heathrow as the world’s busiest airport. Dubai International Airport has carried more international passengers than Heathrow for three months in a row, according to the latest figures
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  5. The Guardian

    Move over Heathrow. Now Dubai International is the world's No 1 airport
    It's not just better passenger numbers. When it comes to size and glamour, nowhere
    Compares with the Gulf airport
    With its boulevards of plastic palm trees, gleaming silver interior and "Zen Garden" complete with lush ferns and refreshing mist machine, Dubai International is a world away from the much-maligned Heathrow airport.
    However, it is not just on pomp and glamour that Britain's flagship transport hub is being outdone. Figures for the first two months of 2014 show that Dubai has overtaken Heathrow as the airport with the largest number of international passengers in the world. It dealt with almost 2 million more in the period, and with a growth rate of 13.5%, it is likely to continue to outpace Heathrow, which remains Europe's busiest airport.
    But while UK politicians will be dismayed at Heathrow's fading significance it would be nigh-on impossible for Heathrow to keep up with the aggressive expansion of the Arab state. Dubai International plans to increase its passenger numbers from 60 to 90 million over the next four years, constructing an additional terminal space and concourse twice the size of Heathrow's terminal five.

    1. Younger, you actually think any sensible person believes this hog wash that you pulled out of your arse?? You created and manufactured all this, that's why you are going out of your way to try and prove this to me...Its obvious it bothers you I have told you the truth, that HEATHROW IS STILL THE LARGEST HUB IN THE WORLD, SO OFCOURSE, YOU HAD COME UP WITH SOME WAY OF PULLING FICTIONAL "INFO" OUT OF YOUR ARSE AND THEN SHOWCASE IT HERE AS IF ITS EVEN CREDIBLE!! LOL....YOU SHOULD BE BOZO THE CLOWN!!

  6. Obviously ELDER discredits anything that is not European. If you have nothing constructive to say, start a Heathrow-will-always-be-the-greatest blog; i'm sure you will have a good following.

    Great blog Mlandeli. Hopefully you will attract the attention of players in the industry as well as many more "YOUNGERS" who are the future of the nation. Honest and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism will help improve aviation in Zim, and we can get it from such platforms.

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