Monday, 24 September 2012

Update: New Air Botswana Schedule

From the 28th of October 2012, Air Botswana will add several new routes to their schedule including Nairobi, Cape Town, Lilongwe, Blantyre, Lanseria (Johannesburg) and Victoria Falls. Harare will recieve a fourth weekly (Tuesday) non-stop flight (ATR 42-500) while Mondays & Saturdays will operate GBE-HRE-NBO-HRE-GBE (Avro RJ85 Avroliner) and Wednesdays will operate GBE-HRE-BLZ-HRE-GBE (Avro RJ85 Avroliner)  . The Victoria Falls-Maun route will be non-stop every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (ATR 42-500). The new schedule is available for booking but still subject to change. Air Botswana is yet to make an announcement on these new routes.


  1. Wow, do you know if BP will have rights on the HRE-NBO-HRE and HRE-BLZ-HRE sectors at all?

    1. I was thinking the same thing but looks like they don't have rights between the destinations. I'm really interested to know how these routes will operate, do they designate a certain percentage of seats to each city? lets say on the GBE-HRE-NBO route, they can do 30% of seats to HRE and 70% seats to NBO???

  2. I think so huh?

    In all honesty though, i think there are range and aircraft limitations to consider as well.

    The AvroRJ85 they use is a pretty thirsty plane to fly, especially with the altitude considerations for both NBO and HRE, so i guess the HRE stop over may be due to economic as well as operational reasons (correct me if i'm wrong!).

    But anyway, i'm glad to see them pushing into the region!